Benefits of a Hot Tub Break

Benefits of a Hot Tub Break, Hot Tub Breaks in the Lake District

As well as stunning photo opportunities, the benefits of a hot tub break go far beyond creating the perfect Instagram post. However, with our hot tub breaks in the Lake District, not only are they good for your health but you’re also surrounded by the wonderful British countryside.

5 Benefits of a Hot Tub Break

While visiting the Lake District, make the most of your stay with the Aphrodites Group and all the benefits of a hot tub break. Below we take a look at just how our hot tub suites can revitalise both your body and soul.

Good for Stress Relief

While a holiday is often the chance to unwind, relaxing in a hot tub takes it a step further. After all, it’s not just the fact you’re staying in some of the most talked-about spa suites in the Lake District.

Although the reality is there’s far more to the health benefits when it comes to stress relief. When you’re stressed, the body’s muscles get tense. However, the buoyancy of the water relieves the pressure, which in turn increases blood circulation. As such you instantly become more relaxed, as such less stress both physically and mentally.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

This one is aimed at those with type 2 diabetes. It may not be among the obvious benefits of a hot tub break, but turning on the therapeutic jets act as if you’re exercising while relaxing.

As a result, a good “exercise” session reduces blood sugar levels by an average of 13%. Only don’t take our word for it, it’s all been documented by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Reduces Blood Pressure

This benefit is backed by the well-respected Mayo Clinic, plus it’s something you can put into practice during a hot tub break in the Lake District. After all, from just 15 minutes in a hot tub can lower blood pressure. That’s far more relaxing than a bike-ride up and down the hills of Cumbria!

Helps with Arthritis

Getting into a bath to help relieve tension is one thing, but the temperature doesn’t remain the same during your soak. With a hot tub, you can keep the water temperature consistent. Which is key for helping with arthritis pain. However, as well as relaxing the joints, the aforementioned jets help massage the muscles at the same time.

Provides a Good Night’s Sleep

Finally, when all is said and done, nothing beats a good night’s sleep. That’s why here at the Aphrodites Group, we ensure every one of our hot tub suites in the Lake District have a comfortable bed to end the day in.

However, before calling it a night, enjoy an evening dip and unwind completely. You’ll wake up fully rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever challenges may lay ahead.

Hot Tub Breaks in the Lake District

Are you looking for a luxurious spa suite with private hot tub near Lake Windermere? Then our hot tub breaks in the Lake District provide just that. Book into your own personal suite with a host of modern facilities, courtesy of the Aphrodites Group.

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