Benefits of a Hot Tub Spa Suite

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In previous blogs, we’ve previously reviewed the benefits of a hot tub, as well as an in-depth look at things to do in the Lake District when booking into a spa suite.

However, it’s always good to remind ourselves about the basics. After all, there’s a reason why the Aphrodites Group provides some of the most desired spa breaks in Cumbria.

You can decide upon one of three properties, all providing their own unique character. Yet bringing the independent brand name together under one room.

Benefits of a Hot Tub Spa Suite

If you’re not already aware, there’s more to spending time in a hot tub than simply booking a luxurious hotel suite. In fact, here’s a brief look at just some of the health benefits:

  • Reduce stress relief – Whether it’s the massaging jets, the buoyancy of the water or just the fact you’re on holiday. All this can help reduce stress, which as a result comes with other health benefits too.
  • Lower blood/sugar levels – If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, the use of a hot tub as part of your therapy can prove highly beneficial. Although, as with any health concerns always speak to a doctor or professional.
  • Good for arthritis – As well as those general aches and pains, spend time in a hot tub with arthritis and you’ll soon notice the difference. It’s in part down to the combination of therapeutic jets and regulated water temperatures. Both of which will come highly welcome during the colder winter months.
  • Supports muscle relief – If you’ve taken a recent knock or have a reoccurring injury, hot tubs are an ideal way to cope with relieving muscle tension. Likewise, should it be after a one-off event such as a walk or run in the Lake District countryside.
  • Cardiovascular health – While wild swimming in Lake Windermere is all the rage, you can still gain some of the effects of a cardiovascular workout by sitting in a hot tub. It may seem a strange one, but in essence immersing yourself in the water, along with the flow of the jet streams, gives off similar health benefits.

Aphrodites Group Hot Tub Suites

While any holiday in the country can be relaxing, one in which your spa hotel comes with its own hot tub is something else!

That’s why we’re proud to offer some of the most popular hot tub suites in the Lake District. All three of our locations come with a private hot tub as standard. The Windermere Tranquil Treat and Aphrodites Boutique Suites are complete with secluded balconies, landscaped gardens and romantic log cabins. Whereas our Windermere Boutique Spa Suites property, have a further 3 rooms featuring their own individual indoor hot tubs.

Hot Tub Spa Breaks with the Aphrodites Group

Enjoy all the benefits of a hot tub spa suite and much more with the Aphrodites Group. Our bespoke independent spa hotels in the Lake District are located in Windermere and the picturesque setting of Bowness.

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