Spa Package Break in the Lake District

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Spa Package Break in the Lake District

With self-contained accommodation re-opening, a spa package break in the Lake District is the perfect way to celebrate. In fact, here at the Aphrodites Group we’ve started to welcome back our first guests in what seems like a lifetime.

Although what better way to start the week, the sun’s shining and everyone here has been in great spirits. Both those visiting the Lake District for the first time and our staff, who are excited about the weeks ahead. While it may be a little fresh out there in the Spring weather, the crisp cool mornings are an ideal way to blow those lockdown cobwebs away.

Hot Tub Spa Suites in the Lake District

After all, for many of us we haven’t even left our own postcode for months on end. Let alone considered the idea of a spa package break in the Lake District.

However, rest assured that we’re doing everything gradually and in line with the latest Government advice. That’s why only selected hot tub spa suites in the Lake District are currently available. Which, in turn, actually results in even more exclusivity for those lucky enough to visit!
Just imagine booking into your own private spa suite, complete with an outdoor hot tub, to discover a truly peaceful time away. Not only that, but our hot tub spa suites are located in a prime position within Bowness and Windermere.

Spa Package Breaks and Private Hot Tubs

Our 3 properties are all within a few minutes of each other. As well as just a short walk to the banks of Lake Windermere. Furthermore, you’ll have many of the Lake Districts main attractions either on your doorstep or within driving distance.

Plus, when it comes to things to do while in the Lake District, it’s not all about your outdoor hot tub and spa suite. Although, having said that, we understand if you just lay back and relax while out on your private balcony!

Although one of the great things about holidays in Cumbria is that it’s a chance to spend time outdoors. Simply put on your walking shoes and explore the likes of Brockhole House and Gardens or the impressive views from Orrest Head.

Other than that, even as we slowly come out of lockdown the pubs, restaurants and even local shops are available. Meaning you really can make your time away feel like a proper holiday.

Book a Spa Package Break in the Lake District

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a nice long spa package break in the Lake District, book with confidence at the Aphrodites Group. Although with dates fast becoming fully booked, we recommend checking the latest availability.

Alternatively, for those last-minute package breaks or any cancellations on our hot tub spa suites, follow the Aphrodites Group on social media.

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